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As the site develops we will be posting help and tips for all you new people out there as well as very soon offering Aerial Photography services on completion of my certification course.

New Pictures - Cruden Bay Golf Club and Town

Sunday 4th June 2017

Going further north of Ellon next up for was the town of Cruden Bay showing off mainly the stunning golf course, bay area and a few of the housing developments.


Cruden Bay is a small village in Scotland, on the north east coast and today cruden Bay attracts tourists with its hotels and golf course. It has a long, unspoiled, beach made famous by Norwegian aviator Tryggve Gran who made the first solo flight across the North Sea.


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New Pictures - Ellon Industrial Estates

Start of June 2017


Following on from the pictures taken in the centre of Ellon and with the fact there was much interest with requested to do more.


I decided to visit again but this time focusing on the Industrial Estates where there is a few businesses who have experienced international and even a cult success. I am of course talking about Brewdog as here in the small town of Ellon is one of there factories and bottling plant


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New Pictures - The Town of Ellon

Thursday 25th May 2017

In the town of Ellon to collected some stuff so took the Mavic with me to captures these pictures.


Ellon is sited north of Aberdeen and is a very growing part of the country, with bars, restaurants/pubs and super stores its got everything you could need.


Its also the town of the Brewdog Scottish Brewery for its craft beers.


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New Pictures - River Dee and Surrounding Area

Thursday 25th May 2017


A few unplanned aerial pictures of the River Dee between the Duthie Park and Garthdee on a glorious sunny day.


I have done this area before when I stayed in the city centre but haven't been here for a long time, its better than I remember. With the blue skies, greener than green grass and the colour of the river makes a good mix.


There's also a few pics of the surrounding area here too


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New Video - The Old Inverurie Paper Mill

Tuesday 1st December 2015

Been a long time again but here is my latest video showing the old closed and now knocked down Inverure Paper Mill, this was filmed in very early 2015 prior to any demolition works happening - Click Here to View Video.

New Pictures - Inverurie Paper Mill Demolition

Monday 6th July 2015

Aerial pictures of the Inverurie Paper Mill sited just outside Port Elphinstone near the town of Inverurie which was open from 1860 until 2009. Currently building number 4 is being knocked down to make way for a new up and coming project that isn't 100% decided yet but more than likely be an energy from waste powerstation which turns household and industrial waste into energy thats sold back to the national powergrid.


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New Pictures - Craiginches Prison Demolition

Saturday 28th February 2015


A few aerial pictures of the demolition works happening at the Craiginches Prison (HMP Aberdeen) sited in Torry Aberdeen where it was open from 1890 until 2014 with all inmates being moved to the new super prison called HMP Grampian in Peterhead. It is believe that the area will be used for flats but at the time of writting wasn't 100%.


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New Pictures - Northbay Pelagic Fire Damage - Peterhead

Sunday 25th January 2015

A few Aerial pictures of the Northbay Pelagic fish factory sited in Peterhead cuty centre where a huge fire ripped through during the course of over 10 hours on the 17th January 2015. Flames and Smoke could be seen for miles with homes being evacuated nearby for safety reasons, it was later found and released that an electrical fault in a store room had caused the fire to start first igniting foam and spreading to nearby boxes.


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New Video - Sovereign BF380 Shipwreck - Inverallochy

Sunday 25th January 2015

My first video in over a year due to other commitements so thought I would do a short edit first, this video follows on from the pictures that were taken of the Sovereign BF380 Shipwreck which ran a ground back in 2005. Click Here to View the video