RC Helicopter Certificates and Competancies

A lot of people not familiar with our hobby think we just fly plastic toys around the sky that cost no more than £50 but of course they are wrong, what we're really are flying are highly sophisticated machines which if you don't respect will give a nasty bite either to property or even worse human life.


Due to being complicated they're going to crash and there’s one thing am going to say from the start "You Will Crash". It doesn't matter whether you’re a newbie or a highly experienced pilot it’s going to happen and sometimes there’s nothing you can do but sit back and watch or in some cases RUN!


This isn't necessary a bad thing, from time to time you'll forget just how complicated it can be to fly and start pushing yourself out with your comfort zone either being too fast and aggressive or simply orientation issues but it’s all about understanding what went wrong and learning from them.


Below is an example of the competence certificates you can train towards here in Scotland. They're there to give you something to work towards but most importantly to show others exactly what your skills are particularly if you plan to take part in events. However most clubs in Scotland do require you to have at least a "Helicopter Bronze" before being allowed to fly solo without a competent person by your side. This is for your safety and others around you.

Hovering Competence Certificate


Demonstrates your competent at keeping the helicopter under full control in a small box and can take off and land safely.


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Bronze Certificate


Demonstrates you can perform basic manoeuvres and answer some basic safety questions.


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Silver Certificate


Demonstrates you can perform more complicated manoeuvres such as stall-turns, Nose-in hover and answer some more basic safety questions.


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Gold Certificate


Demonstrates you can perform complicated manoeuvres such as loops and rolls.


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