Outrage Fusion 50 - 12 Cell Electric 3D Beast

March 2012 Until Present

Outrage Fusion 50 12 Cell Electric Full 3D Helicopter Outrage Fusion 50 12 Cell Electric Full 3D Helicopter


Manufacturer: Outrage

Model: Fusion 50

Motor: Outrage 4125-560kv Outrunner

Speed Controller: Castle Creations 80HV ICE2

Main Blades: Align 600D Carbon Fibre

Tail Blades: Outrage 95mm Carbon Fibre

Control Battery: Outrage NRG 2S1P 7.4V 2500mah

Rotor Battery: 2 x 6 Cell 3800mah NanoTech's in Series

Reciever: Spektrum AR7100 + 2 Satalites

Gyro: Spartan Quark

Cyclic Servos: Align DS610's

Tail Servo: Futaba S9251

Flight Time: 6 Minutes


After flying the the Velocity 50 for 18 months it was starting to show signs of a lot of wear and tear and the crashes were getting closer and closer together to the point that something was failing everytime I was visiting the club. This was not due to Outrage's bad quality of parts but the fact that as crashes happened I was using as little parts as possible to get it back in the air - but this came at a price!


The tail was starting to drift from vibrations and it really was not enjoyable to fly anymore, I was spending £50-£80 per crash when new kits were in the grand scheme of things wasn't that much more so it was time to make a decision either buy the new Velocity V2 and use all my own gear or make the switch to electric and buy everything new. After 2-3 weeks of thinking it over and working out the price of both kits including anything else it would required I choose electric, there was really only one 50 size out there that looked the part and had one of the best flying performance to match.

The Fusion 50 helicopter does bring style and functionality together in one package not often achieved. The airframe is light yet strong and will take all the punishment you throw at it . It's highly tunable to suit your flying style and is is precise yet quick and responsive to follow your every command. With a fully programmable rotor head to the full metal tail unit with torque tube drive, it has it all. The only issue is trying to fit everything within the frame due to its very narrow design but once done everything is nicely tucked away.


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