Tricopter 2.0 - Foldable Tricopter Based on

Used: August 2011 Until October 2011


Manufacturer: Based on V2

Model: Tricopter 2.0

Materials: G10 Fibreglass and Wooden Arms

Size: 500mm Motor Centre

Weight Frame Only: 520 grams

Price for Frame: Not Very Much


Equipment Installed / Setup

Motors: RCTimer BL-2830/14 750Kv

ESC's: Turnigy Plush 18amp v3.1

Controller: KK Controller

Firmware: Tricopter v1.6

Blades: 9x4.7 & 10x4.7 SF E-Prop

Tail Servo: BMS-385DMAX
Batteries: Turnigy Nano-Tech 3 Cell 2200mah 25-50C

Reciever: Spektrum AR6210 DSMX

AUW: 1392 grams

Flight Times: 9-10 Minutes

The longest lived Tricopter and the one which took my by far the best Picture yet! This one took nearly all the pictures taken between Aug until October 2011 and lasted longer than expect for the amount of abuse it took but yet due to not having the website during its time the only last picture is the one above.


You can build your own to get your own amazing images! For a proper build log see where he has recently made huge improvements in the design.


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