Seals Cove Shooting Grounds, Cove, Aberdeen

Sunday 8th April 2018

Aerial Picture of Seals Cove Shooting Grounds Aerial Picture of Seals Cove Shooting Grounds

Sited just 5 miles south of Aberdeen the Seal Cove Shooting Ground offers a fantastic days shooting within stunning looking grounds that help create a great atmosphere. Further more with there electronically wirelessly controlled traps which using a key given to you when you arrive counts just how many clays you have launched making it easier for paying at the end of your day. The electronic trap system can also be used in "Solo" mode which on the section of your chosen bird begins a 5 second count down given in beeps allowing you time to set the remote down and get you shotgun ready. The site has tea and coffee facilities, toilets and its own onsite shop. You just have to go, whether you have never shot a rifle or a pro....check them out.
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DJI Mavic Pro with Blade Modification

ND Filter, Level 2

25 minute Flight Time

Special Energy Absorbsion Kit

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