Aberdeen Harbour at Night - 2013

Tuesday 22nd October 2013

Aberdeen Harbour at Night Aberdeen Harbour at Night

My first chance to be able to get some night pictures and am very impressed so far, I picked Aberdeen Harbour as even though its night time there's still a huge amount of lighting coming from quay's and vessels. Not only does this give a great picture but also gives the camera more light to enter the sensor to reduce the amount of noise within the image.

Am hoping during the winter months to get some more images around Aberdeen and maybe some with some of the white stuff - SNOW!

Location of Aerial Pictures

Aircraft Used

Modified DJI S800 with Zenmuse Z15n Gimbal

Controller: DJI Wookong M with GPS and Bluetooth

Camera: Sony Nex5n with 16mm Lens

Transmitter/Receiver: 2.4ghz for Control an 5.8ghz for telemetry/video


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