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What is FPV or First Person View?

First Person View is where you fly the aircraft with the prospective of you sitting in the pilot’s seat using a video transmitter and receiver to beam back the footage.


What is the main platform I use?

This really depends on what am doing, if its pictures I use my modified DJI S800 Spreading Wings with the Zenmuse Z15n camera Gimbal fitted or video I then have the choice of the DJI Phantom 2+ or TBS Discovery.


What Camera do you use?

Pictures - Sony Nex5n with the 16 or 19mm Lens fitted.

Video - Gopro 3 Plus Black Edition set at 1080p 60 frames (Different Firmware to the standard).


How much does it cost?

You could do this for as little as £200-300 but of course there are people like myself that use top of the range equipment that costs a lot more – Depends what you want really.


What Range does it have?

This isn’t a straight forward question as there is so many factors that limits range but with my main crafts I will get about 500 - 750 meters easy however it’s never more than 100-200 meters (Line of Sight).


How long does it fly for?

Again its completely different for everyone as battery size, weight and flying style comes into it but I get at least 8 minutes minimum but can get around 12 minutes if I fly economically, again there is newer crafts like the Phantom that can get 20 minutes Plus.


How high can it go?

Legally in the UK you can only fly up to 400ft or 122 meters but they are capable of flying a lot higher and you will easily find people that will go that little further and even above the clouds.


What happens if you loose signal?

Using the DJI Wookong Controller which has a built in GPS system if you happen to go that little too far, high or even get a glitch from something in the area such as a mobile phone mast then it will go into “Fail
Safe” mode which will involve the craft to hover steadily and if it still doesn’t get a signal within 10 seconds it will then fly straight back to the original take-off point and auto land.


What the laws do I need to follow?

If you remain as a hobbyist then it’s a little simpler but start excepting money or get professional then it’s a whole different ball game. However the main points can be found here -


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