Terminology List

AP Aerial Photography   
ARTF Almost Ready To Fly  
ATV Adjustable Travel Volume  
AUW All Up Weight  
BEC Battery Eleminator Circuit  


Charge Coupled Device  
CMOS Complementary Symmetry Metal Oxide Semiconductor  
CoG Centre of Gravity  

Collective Pitch 


EDF Electric Ducted Fan  
EPA End Point Adjustment  
ESC Electronic Speed Controller  
FOV Field of View  
FPS Frames Per Second   
FPV First Person View  
GCS Ground control Station  
GHz Gigahertz  
GPS Global Positioning System   
GRP Glass Reinforced Plastic  
HT Head Tracker   
Kv Rpm/Volt   
LIPO Lithium-ion Polymer Battery   
LNA Low Noise Amplifier  
LOS Line of Sight  
LRS Long Range System   
MEMS Micro Electro Mechanical System  
Mw Mega Watt   
NiCd Nickel Cadmium Battery  
NiMh Nickel Metal Hydride  
OP Open Pilot  
OSD  On Screen Display  
PCM Pulse Code Modulation  
PnP Plug 'n' Play  
PPM Pulse Periode Modulation  
PWM Pulse Width Modulation  
RC Radio Controlled   
RPM Revolutions Per Minute   
RSSI Received Signal Strength Indication  
RTF Ready To Fly  
RTH Return to Home  
Rx Transmitter Receiver  
TVL TV Lines   
Tx Transmitter Controller  
UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle   
UHF Ultra High Frequency  
VTOL Vertical Take-off and Landing  
Vrx Video Receiver  
Vtx Video Transmitter

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