Battery Connectors

Original Dean Ultra's - The T Connector

  • Rated for 45amps Continuous, 60amp Burst.
  • Chinese Copies Might Be Less, Do Be Careful.
  • Difficult to Solder Without Shorting or Melting Plastic.

EC3 Bullet Connector

  • Rated for 60amps Continuous, 80amp Burst.
  • Super Easy to Solder Due to Bullets Being Outwith Plastic.
  • Becoming the Most Popular in the Hobby Due to Good Connector Holding.
  • Easy to Get Polarization Wrong if Not Careful.

EC5 Bullet Connector

  • Rated for 120amps Continuous, 140amps Burst.
  • Super Easy to Solder Due to Bullets Being Outwith Plastic.
  • Easy to Get Polarization Wring if Not Careful.
  • My Personal Choice on my Fusion 50.

JST Connector

  • Rated for 5amps Continuous, 7amps Burst.
  • No soldering required, crimps only.
  • Used for low amps draw such as FPV equipment and LED Lighting.

XT60 Connector (HobbyKing Standard)

  • Rated for 70amps Continuous, 85amps Burst.
  • Easier to Solder than Deans due to Cable "Seats"
  • HobbyKings Standard on 5 Cell or less.
  • Becoming Very Popular Throughout the RC World.

Gold Banana Connector with Protective cover (4mm)

  • Rated for 85amps Continuous, 110amps Burst (4mm).
  • Popular on bigger batteries from Hobby King.
  • Very easy to solder as you push the connector in afterwards.
  • Can be very difficult to pull a part due to the connectors creating a vacuum.
  • Cheap to buy.
  • Take up a lot of room in smaller high powered models.

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