AECC Tower (Bridge Of Don)

May 2012

Updated 16/11/2016

A formal request has been received from AECC to remove these pictures due to the potential use of these photos for "Hostile Reconnaissance" use. These pictures were taken in 2012 and at no point was the 50mtr bubble broken with this building/structure. The camera used was a Casio Exilim Point and Shoot Camera with direct line of site and no FPV was used during this flight.


Original Post 2012

Decided to stop in by the AECC Tower on my way to work and get some good photo's before the weather changed for the worse. Had two flights but was battling with a drift in the Yaw that was causing some of the photo's to miss the tower its self. 

Am really surprised at how well they came out but do need to find a better way at reducing vibrations to the camera as a lot had to be deleted due to being blurred. All in all it was a good few flights and am starting to really like this machine.

Photo Gallery

Location of Aerial Pictures

Aircraft Used for Pictures

Airframe: DJI F550 Flame Wheel

Stabilization Unit: DJI Naza

RCTx: Spektrum DX7 2.4GHz

RCRx: Spektrum AR7100 DSMX Plus Two Satellites

Camera: Casio Exilim EX-Z100

FPV: 5.8ghz Transmitter/Receiver if used


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