About us or just me!

Over the years I have had a lot of people ask questions about me or what i do so to try and stop these emails i have put together the below.

Who are you?

Am Martin at the grand age of 33 orginally from the Bridge of Don area of Aberdeen but moved away and now recently back in the BoD area again.


Is this your job or do you do somthing else?

No this is a hobby and more than likely always will be, I did start my BNUC-S course and pasted the theory but this was only to help fund the hobby to keep up with the latest crafts and crash repairs. I do some racing too so both hobbies are expensive so needed to get some funds in. I have a full time job in the oil industry.


When and how did you get into this hobby?

I always had an interest in anything that was remote controlled and as like others started as a kid with a remote control car, I used to every year go and watch an event at the AAMFC which at the time I didn't know what it was, later i found out this was the yearly held helinats at the club I am now a member of. Once I got a full time job i purchased a really cheap helicopter on ebay which in 2004 was a piece of junk, like others who did the same the whole excitement of it in the air lasted a mere 8-10 seconds before crashing into an unrepairable state.


Four years went by and again I purchased another heli off of ebay, this time however I did do some research which pushed me in the direction of a nitro powered Thunder Tiger Raptor 30. She was never flown but built by someone who didn't know what they were doing......me neither! After a few weeks of trying to find out why nothing was doing what it should of I contact the the AAMFC flying club mentioned above for help. Craig Tosh asked me to meet him at the club site where he looked over the craft, fixed it, programmed it and test flew it all within the hour - Seeing it fly was amazing to say the least!


He then showed me what he could do and WOW...he was doing all the 3d moves i had watched on youtube so after that I was hooked! I did this type of flying for around 2-3 years until the new thing called First Person View came along.


My FPV path was a home built HK401 gyro based controller (yes before the days of these being built and sold in the shops - you guys have it easy) fitted to a Quadframe.com tricopter, from there I got more motors and bigger......the rest as they say is history - long answer I know lol.


What radio equipment do you use?

I fly spektrum, Futaba I just can't get my head around so everything is spektrum. Got the original shaped DX7, DX8 and the all dancing DX18 with various receivers and satalites.


What FPV equipment do you normally use? (2011-2016)

Most of my equipment is ImmersionRC 5.8ghz at various power outputs but have tried 1.2ghz and 2.4ghz in the past but due to the radios I use I needed to be 5.8ghz. Additionally all my sets of Goggles are Fat Shark so need to be on that band.


What FPV equipment do you normally now given its 2017?

Currently I am using the DJI Mavic, DJI spark, TBS Discovery Pro and I still have my old trusted DJI S800 but its now 5 years old so showing its age compared to the new technology thats old.


You don't post as much material as you used too, why?

Life! Its hard to find the time to go flying, edit and post material now a days. Works got busy and in this current market/climate you need to put certain stuff a side to ensure you still have not just a job but a career. Since i started what seems a long time ago peoples attitudes to what people call "Drones" in the media has changed, its generally negitive comments now but I want to keep those to a minimum as always so need to start posting more good safe stuff.


Do you do training or help?

Generally no as like I said above its hard to find time to enjoy the hobby nevermind having to help others and then watch there videos a few weeks later. Dont get me wrong if I can of course I will but would never want to waste what little time i do get. 


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