Sango Sands - Durness, Scotland

Wednesday 18th July 2012

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Technically the second video recording from my camping tour of Scotland which was recorded at the very north at a beach called Sango Sands in Durness. Weather was wet and windy for the whole day but luckly there was a brief cap where the rain had stopped but as you will see there were still some spits on the lens through out the flight.

It was nice to see the other campers taking an interested in as they said "Strange Object Buzzing About". Was a really nice campsite and will come back again, hopefully to some sun...


More more information on this great site filmed within this video Click Here

Aircraft Used

Manufacturer: DJI Innovations

Model: F550 FlameWheel Hex

Flight Controller: DJI Naza With GPS Module

Video Camera Mount: AeroXCraft F550 Gyro Stablized

Video Transmitter: Immersion RC 5.8ghz with CL Antenna


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