DJI F550 FlameWheel Hex with Naza GPS

June 2012 Until December 2014 (Retired)

DJI F550 FlameWheel Hexcopter with AeroXCraft Gimbal Hovering in GPS Mode While am Taking Pictures


Manufacturer: DJI Innovations

Model: F550 FlameWheel Hexcopter

Motors: 6 x DJI 2212/920KV

Speed Controllers: 6 x DJI 30amp Opto with No BEC

Propellers: 6 x Graupner 8x5 E-Prop with Custom Made Spacers

Batteries: 4 Cell Nano-Tech 4500mAh 35-70C

Reciever: Spektrum AR7100 With Two Satellites

Flight Controller: DJI Naza With GPS Module

Picture Camera Mount: Modified Gimbal With Shutter Control for Standard Point "N" Shoot Camera

Video Camera Mount: AeroXCraft F550 With Fixed & Gyro Stablized Running Savox Servos

Video Transmitter: Immersion RC 5.8ghz with Custom Made CloverLeaf Antenna

Extras: 10amp Castle Creations UBEC, Lipo Low Voltage Alarm, LED's

AUW: 2155g but changes with Gimbal Type (Photo or Video)

Flight Time: 8 - 12 Minutes Depending on Wind and Flight Modes Used



As of January 2014 this aircraft has since been fitting with the Zenmuse H3-2D with Gopro Hero Black 3 Plus.



Unlike the DJI F450 the F550 Flame Wheel Hex copter has been designed and built for stability in mind, its large centre plates make it super easy to install all your FPV equipment. Its light, easy to build and with its integrated PCB wiring can be put together in two hours tops. Another great feature is in the event of a motor failure it can offer a slight redundancy if the weight is kept to respectable limits, although it is very difficultit can be done as a future video will show.

In recent months the price of the basic kit has come crashing down due to a certain country doing some back engineering and selling them cheap all over the internet, I haven't seen the quality of these but I suspect there not far off the real thing but do remember, "Buy Cheap Buy Twice!"



Before the DJI Naza Flight Controller hit the market basically there were two options, a cheap "KK Board" off ebay or an expensive controller from a mainstream dealer but the Naza changed all that. For about £170 you get an all-in-one controller with gyro's, Accelerometers and a barometer. Most of all it is full customisable to your machine using a very nice put together software package which includes basic settings and gimbal control options. The only downfall is it can only handle up to 6 motor outputs but for 90% of the people out there, thats more than enough.



To further keep its Naza line ahead of the competition DJI quickly announced a "GPS Module" capable of Return to Home, Position Hold, Intelligent Orientation Control and Home Lock, features which both make the NAZA top of its game but more importantly...safer for everyone.


At around £120-£140 its a must for any FPV pilot or basic Aerial Photography work.



Designed as a direct fit for the DJI F550 FlameWheel, this very nicely put together landing gear is perfect for hanging either the AeroXCraft GoPro gimbal or any gimbal using the standard rail mounting system. It also features a battery mount big enough for a 4S 5000mah Lipo which can be slid back and forward so the centre of gravity of the aircraft is not effected.

**********************Now Installed to Airframe - April 2014*********************

DJI Zenmuse H3-2D Fitted with Gopro Hero Black 3 Plus


The DJI ZenmuseH3-2D Gimbal is another milestone in gimbal innovation, which is designed for the GoPro Hero3. With its high precision, high stability, lightweight, plug and play features, it is widely used in film and television productions, advertising aerial photography, etc. Even if the aircraft is in high-speed flight, it can still stabilize and control the GoPro camera precisely with the highest stability. The precision of control angle is within the range of ±0.08°, so picture or video output can reach the best quality.

********************No Longer Fitted to Airframe - March 2014********************



Specifically designed around the GoPro Hero Series of cameras this two axis high quality gimbal provides Tilt and Roll compensation during maneuvers of up to around 40 degrees. It using high quality digital metal geared servos run off there own 6V 10amp BEC with there signal cables plugged into the Naza flight controllers built-in outputs for Gimbal control. It is highly recommended you do not plug your servos directly into the Naza controller as they may pull more amps than it can handle causing permanent damage. This Gimbal also slides directly on to the landing gear above also sold at AeroXCraft and has full access to the live out port for your 3.5mm jack.



Using a heavily modified Guai X500 Quadcopter camera mount this gimbal allows a standard Point "N" Shoot camera to take aerial pictures while attached to the DJI F550's Landing Gear. The Gimbal using a servo controlled trigger system which allows the camera to focus on its target and then take the picture. The draw back, it has no stabilty so you have to ensure the craft is level and it is very difficult line the shot up but improvements are in the pipeline.


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