Current Fleet

DJI Mavic Pro


The smallest aircraft within the DJI fleet but don't let its size make you thin think its lost features...there all still there and MORE!


Coming Soon! However you can buy yours here from DJI Direct

DJI Phantom 2 v2 with Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal


The latest version of the DJI Phantom 2 which has some addtional upgrades to an already highly successful craft.


Click here to View or Buy the Newer Phantom 3 Here



DJI S800 Spreading Wings with Zenmuse Z15n Gimbal


Information coming soon!


Coming Soon!

Outrage Fusion 50 - 12 Cell Electric 3D Machine


Regarded as one of the best 50 sized 3D machines on the market today with awesome power to weight ratio.


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Multiplex FunJet Ultra


Small electric jet capable of speeds in excess of 125mph, used for pure fun or First Person View.


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Past Fleet and Retired

DJI F550 Flame Wheel - Simply Amazing Kit - Retired!


Becoming the most popular Hex being sold today due being in the lower price bracket and the fantastic quality from DJI.


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Outrage Velocity 50 - Retired!


Nitro powered 3D machine which in the right hands is capable of performing the hardest manoeuvres.


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Tricopters - Retired!


Classed as a Multi-Rotor these electric powered Tricopters are perfect for First Person View and Aerial Photograpthy.


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E-Flite Blade MCPX-V2 BNF - Retired!


The best Micro-Sized Collective Pitched Helicopter on the Market


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Thunder Tiger Raptor 30 - Retired


My very first proper helicopter and a nitro one at that - fitted with a 30 sized engine it was the start of everything.


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