Tricopter 1.0 - Foldable Tricopter From

Used: May 2011 Until July 2011



Model: TRI002 Foldable with GoPro Camera Mount

Materials: G10 Fibreglass and Aluminium Arms

Size: 675mm (335mm Motor Centre)

Weight Frame Only: 302 grams

Price for Frame: 74.00 Euros


Equipment Installed / Setup

Motors: RCTimer BL-2830/14 750Kv

ESC's: Turnigy Plush 18amp v3.1

Controller: KK Controller

Firmware: Tricopter v1.6

Blades: 9x4.7 & 10x4.7 SF E-Prop

Tail Servo: BMS-385DMAX
Batteries: Turnigy Nano-Tech 3 Cell 2200mah 25-50C

Reciever: Spektrum AR6210 DSMX

AUW: 1174 grams

Flight Time: 8-9 Minutes

Slop Free Tail Servo Design Slop Free Tail Servo Design

Bought as my first Multi-Rotor helicopter it was destined to be a FPV plateform but sadly never made it that far and didn't last very long at all to be honest. This wasn't because of bad quality parts or my flying skills but more the fact I didn't read the specs 100% for most of the items I ordered. i.e I ordered the wrong propeller mounts so they would randomly slipping off the motor shafts in flight, my soldering skills were somewhat rusty when adding the 3 gyro's to the KK contoller and finally I didn't tie rap my tail servo wires so rubbed through and caused it to fail in flight from about 100 metres high. Damage.....Pretty much EVERYTHING!

Light Weight Foldable Design Light Weight Foldable Design

I feel bad that this frame wasn't given the useage is deserved, it was very well packed, easy to put together, super smooth and slop free. It even came with a link for a build video hosted on Youtube although in Polish it allowed you to get your head around some of the more tricker steps.

Unassembled KK Board Unassembled KK Board

The KK Controller was a little bit more complicated as it involved removing the gyro sensors from Hobbykings HK401B Gyros and resoldering them into Jakubs controller and then the rest of the components. Once built it was a case of checking they were working in the right drection and messing about with the gain pods - Couldn't fault it at all.


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