Interlaken, Switzerland

Monday, 3rd September 2018

After a few ups and downs in life lately i decided to spontaniously to jump in the car with passport in hand and drive the near 1,200 miles from Aberdeen to Interlaken, Switzerland to clear my mind and get away from it all.


It took 22.5 hours including the Euro-tunnel where i manage to get a 40 minute sleep before setting the satnav and embedding that fact i was away to drive on the wrong site of the road for next 5 days. A total random trip that was well needed. Anyway after a few days in this beautiful location id been before it was time to set the drone up and get something for the Facebook Page and Here.


As you can see its a truely an amazing country thats just got something that ive never seen or experienced anywhere else around the world, best of all its very little spoiled.


Two of the locations captured in the pictures are Interlaken and Gelmersee, Gelmersee being the site of the steepest wire pulled train.


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Location of Aerial Pictures

Aircraft Used

DJI Mavic Pro

ND Filter, Level 2

25 minute Flight Time

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