Featured Video's From Around The World - 2015

Here you find my favourite content from other people around the world which I felt had to be shared with you all. If you've come across anything or have a video you think meets the grade then get in touch.


Be sure to watch where available in Full HD to get the true effect! For previous years featured content check the area to the left.

6th January 2016 - 2015 Video's

A montage of various clips that Flitetest in the US have done showing various flights from 2015. I still watch the show but not as much as i used to due to the fact I feel they have kind of lost there way. I just dont get the same feeling of enjoyment when watching there video's, am not sure if this is because there running out of ideas or maybe with Chad moving on to bigger things its not got the same production value.

27th December 2015

A year of Team Black Sheep (TBS) in 2015, not everyone agrees with what they do but you have to admit it makes a good video. The editing by them is second to none as always and can't believe thats 2015 over.... 

25th February 2015

A video from one of my fav flyers and drone builders, he was the one who got me into Tricopers, Quadcopters and so on.

These videos have been shared for entertainment purposes and not for personal gain, if you want your video removed please contact me in the contacts page.


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