Pocra Quay, Aberdeen Harbour, Aberdeen

Sunday 4th September 2011

Aerial Picture of Aberdeen Harbour Aerial Picture of Aberdeen Harbour

Blue skies and no wind in Aberdeen? Couldn't be, surely not? Yup it really was and I wasn't going to miss a chance to have small fly and test my new GoPro. All LOS as was testing out a new yaw mechanism and the GoPro vibration mount I made. Recorded a video but really wanted to test the picture quality and to be honest it was a LOT better than I thought it would be. Aberdeen Harbour doesn't look all that bad from up here!

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Airframe: Tricopter 2.0

Stabilization unit: Jakub KK Controller
RC Tx: Spektrum DX7 2.4GHz
RC Rx: Spektrum AR6210 DSMX
Camera: GoPro Hero HD set to 3 Sec Picture Mode


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