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Fusion Smart Guard Digital Battery Capacity Checker

Thursday 3rd November 2011

Manufacturer: Logic RC

Type: Digital Battery Capacity Checker

Battery Types: Li-Po/Li-Fe/Li-ion/NiCD/NiMH

Connect Types: JST-EHR & JST-XH

Size: 15mm x 84mm x 50mm (HxWxD)

Weight: 45 Grams

Price: £18.99 From Fast-Lads


Total voltage Remaining battery capacity

Lowest cell voltage
Highest cell voltage
Voltage gap between highest cell voltage & lowest cell voltage


The Fusion Smart Guard is a battery monitor which features a clear LCD screen. Input voltage and total cell capacity ability on all listed cell types from 2 – 7 cells. All other functions are for Lithium based cells. Lithium batteries with JST-EHR and JST-XH can be plugged directly into the Smart Guard or they will require an adaptor.

Power-Tech 12v 20Amp Twin Output Power Supply

Wednesday 2nd November 2011

Manufacturer: Power-Tech

Type: Switching DC Power Supply

Input: 110v or 230v Mains Supply (Selectable)

Output: 1 x 20amp or 2 x 10amp at 12v (4mm Bullet)

Size: 22cm x 8.8cm x 22.5cm (HxWxD)

Extra Notes: On/Off Switch, Built-in Cooling Fan, Carry Handle, LCD Current Display (0.01 Resolution)

Purchase Price: £40.00 from CenturyUK


Used to power 12V battery chargers this unit is able to provide a maximum of 20amps of current through either one of the twin outputs. This can be particularly useful when using two different chargers to charge different battery types i.e Lipo and NiMh.


Been using this along with my Mystery B6 for about 5 months as previously was using a multi voltage supply that would only allow 0.9amps at 12V for about 2 hours before over heating and turning off, Completely useless when charging a 2250mah 3 Cell Lipo! Took 3-4 hours to charge one battery! This however allows me to charge at 1C easy on two chargers with plenty to spare if am in a rush. 100% Recommend this to anyone.


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