DJI S800 with Zenmuse Z15m Gimbal

Feb 2013 - Present


Manufacturer: DJI Innovations

Model: Modified S800

Motors: 6 x DJI 4114-11 320 KV

Speed Controllers: 6 x DJI 40amp Opto

Propellers: 6 x 15 x 4" Carbonfiber

Batteries: 2 x 6 Cell Nano-Tech 5000mAh 35-70C

Reciever: Spektrum AR7100 With Three Satellites

Flight Controller: DJI Wookong With GPS and Bluetooth Module

Gimbal: DJI Zenmuse Z15n

Video Transmitter: Immersion RC 5.8ghz with Custom Made CloverLeaf Antenna

Camera: Sony Nex5n with a selection of lenses

Extras: Classified :-)

AUW: 5.9kg ish

Flight Time: 8 - 12 Minutes Depending on Wind and Flight Modes Used

The DJI S800 Hexacopter was engineering at its best in 2012/2013, I have used the aircraft for about three years now and touch wood have never crashed it. A total of 82.5 hours of flying time has been recorded without very much maintanance at all - This shows what a well designed and engineered unit it is truely is.


At the time of purchase you were £2500 for the airframe/flight controller and then a further £2250 for the Zenmuse Z15n gimbal without the camera which is a huge amount of money but is well worth it for the results I have acheived and the interest I have gathered by posting both Pictures and Video's of Aberdeen and surrounding areas.


90% of the time its used for pictures as always found that the Sony Nex5n Camera let it down with the quality of the video that it recorded, never ever seemed to be sharp and tried a vary of lenses to help but failed. After a lot of money trying different lenses I ended up giving up and went back to the gopro and recently purchased the DJI Phantom 2 V2 purely for video only.


Although this is still my main craft after three years it is coming to the end of its life within the Best Viewed From Above fleet due to new technology thats coming out which has caught my eye but I will be gutted to see it go, that is if I let it go. It may well be up for sale in the next 6 months on ebay which will enable me to fund new projects and acheive even greater success but we will see......I may just keep it as a back up.


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